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Frequently Asked Questions2018-06-15T17:15:46+00:00
How much can I borrow and for how long?2018-06-08T13:30:58+00:00

Caribbean Cash lends you money based on your net income. We give loans from $100 to $1000 USD in St. Maarten and Naf. 200,- to Naf. 2000,- in Curaçao for an initial term of 1 or 2 weeks.

What if I can’t pay it back on time?2018-06-08T13:33:58+00:00

You are allowed to renew your loan two times in-person at our offices by paying a renewal transaction fee. After the second renewal, you must repay all amounts to us.

How much does it cost in interest?2018-06-08T13:34:46+00:00

We are currently charging a 0 percent interest (0%).

Are there other fees?2018-06-08T13:35:17+00:00

Yes, Caribbean Cash charges a transaction fee with an Annual Percentage Rate of 520% for each initial & renewal of a loan. This fee is $10 per $100 borrowed in St. Maarten and Naf.10 per Naf.100 in Curacao, borrowed for each one week term.

Example: if you borrow $200 for one week, the transaction fee would be $20

What do you loan money for?2018-06-08T13:36:00+00:00

Caribbean cash loans based upon your income only. Many people borrow for special occasions, weekend cash, or many other reasons. What you are going to use the money for is only for you to decide.

Is the loan secured by something?2018-06-08T13:36:33+00:00

Just your reputation and your income. In our agreement you will give us the right to seek repayment
from your wages if you do not pay your loan as agreed.

How long does it take?2018-06-08T13:37:01+00:00

Setting up your first loan and getting it approved can take 20-30 minutes.
Renewals and future loans usually take 10 minutes or less.

Do you call my employer?2018-06-08T13:37:37+00:00

Not usually and NEVER without your permission and knowledge. If you supply us with valid proof of employment as requested, we will not need to contact your employer.

How much money do I have to make?2018-06-08T13:38:19+00:00

St. Maarten
The minimum requirement is a monthly net pay of $800 or Naf. 1425 to qualify for a minimum loan of $100

The minimum requirement is a monthly net pay of Naf.1400 to qualify for a minimum loan of Naf. 200

I get paid cash, is that acceptable?2018-06-08T13:38:43+00:00

Caribbean Cash can only loan based upon your income that is paid by your employer by check or direct deposit. We cannot count money paid in cash to you.

What if I only need a loan for three days and not a whole week?2018-06-08T13:39:09+00:00

We only do loans and renewals for periods of one week or two weeks.

Do I get a “refund” of any fees if I pay the loan back early?2018-06-08T13:39:45+00:00

The transaction fee and interest are calculated for the initial term or renewal term as planned at the time of the transaction, any early payment does not result in a refund of any of the fees or interest.